Armor of Erosion

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Marvel Vs. Capcom

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Abyss is the final boss of the crossover video game Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, the second installment in the crossover fighting series Marvel Vs. Capcom

Character OverviewEdit

Also known as the Armor of Erosion, Abyss was responsible for a mysterious wind that spread across the world, killing plantlife in its wake. This phenomenon prompted numerous heroes and villains to band together and investigate. He's something akin to entropy incarnate, a fabled monstrosity that would bring the world back to primordial times, killing all life in the process.


Abyss takes on various forms throughout his battle. In its first for as the "Armor of Erosion", Abyss appears as a large suit of iron armor with its waist area lined with runic patterns. Jutting from either side of its head are a pair of long, green-colored horns with a jelly-like texture, its palms being the same color.

Once this form is defeated, the armor falls as it recedes into a pool of green liquid where its second form emerges; a near featureless male humanoid composed entirely of green slime with its lower body puddled to the ground.

After this form is defeated, it immediately goes into its final and true form: a large, red colored hulking beast with green slime dripping from its mouth.


Abyss has no personality.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Abyss possesses a myriad of abilities during combat thanks to its multiple forms. As the Armor of Erosion, Abyss's attacks include a sliding charge, a wide slap attack, and energy blasts. Its more common projectile attack comes in the form of pulling the jelly-like horns from its helmet and throwing it at the opponent like a spear. It possesses two Hypers; one in the form of a giant beam of energy similar to Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken and Iron Man's Proton Cannon. It's other involves raising its hand to summon a rain of slimy spears. Abyss actually telegraphs these Hypers before they are actually initiated. It is immune to flinching but due to its massive size and slow movement, it takes a lot of hits but possesses high defense.

In its second form, it slides back and forth, wobbling back in recoil to attacks. It shapes its arm into a cannon-like weapon, firing laser beams and streams of fire. It tends to melt into its puddle form to release a trio of large bubbles to temporarily stun the opponent for a free attack. Its Hyper in this form has Abyss spinning its body while firing laser beams in a widespread fashion

Finally, in its third form, it mainly uses standard power attacks like smacks and tackles, transforming into a large mouth to take down its enemies. It frequently takes refuge in its puddle form like the previous phase, but shoots globs of slime that damage and pop up unwary adversaries.



  • Abyss thus far is the only MVC-exclusive character and Marvel/Capcom cross-over related character to not have a playable form.