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Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry 2

Argosax is a character featured in Devil May Cry 2, the second installment in the Devil May Cry series by Capcom.

Character Overview[]

Argosax is a fabled mighty demon of legend who once ruled the Demon World, worshiped by the inhabitants of Dumary Island. Eventually, he is recognized as a being of pure evil and Sparda along with the heroic demon clan known as Vie De Marli rose up against it and defeated him and ended up being sealed away. Centuries later, a demon arts practitioner and corporate president known as Arius attempts to release him from his prison through use of the Arcana and then gain his power to become the new Demon King.


It is unknown what Argosax appears as prior to Sparda's confrontation, but when his son, Dante encounters him, he appears as a vicious, shapeless mass of black and red goo resembling corrupted flesh and blood. Amongst its chaotic body are the writhing remains of the demons (save Trismagia) Dante slew during the course of DMC1 and 2, including Griffon and Phantom. Once stripped of its borrowed power, it takes on the form of a humanoid being made of fire, frequently changing gender as it fights.



Special Abilities[]

Argosax does not possess much in the way of mobility but it possesses terrible demonic power. It seems to feed on the dying bodies of particularly powerful demons and absorbs them as its familiars, raging their great powers about in unfocused torrents. While its actual body is invulnerable due to its shapeless mass, its power can be stripped off by destroying its familiars. Once stripped of its power, it sheds its gooey form and assumes the form of the "Despair Embodied", becoming a fully mobile adversary with some of its attacks borrowed from Dante. It frequently changes its fighting styles depending on the gender it is using. In male form, it imitates Dante's fighting style, morphing its hands into long swords to match his reach and utilizes long range swiping attacks. In female form, it utilizes a whip and utilizes projectile attacks. In both forms, it can use its wings to fly and glide along the ground.