Real Name:

Camille Mann Tennyson










Ben 10

First appearance:

Ben 10 Season 4 Episode 4

Camille is a character featured in the animated series Ben 10 by Man of Action. She is voiced by Grey Delisle.

Character OverviewEdit

Camille is a member of a race of violent shapeshifting aliens called the Sludgepuppies, who were at constant odds with the Plumbers, intergalactic police. However, her life would change when she met Joel of the Tennyson family and it was love at first sight. After a brief time of fighting together, their union hit a certain point that eventually ceased the fighting between the two and planned to get married to finally stop the war once and for all.


Much like all Sludges, Camille appears as an amorphous purple colored blob of goo with glowing eyes. However, after falling in love with Joel, she took on a more humanoid form with an elongated head as a sign of affection to him. Following their marriage, she took on a completely human appearance with fair skin and red hair.


Unlike her fellow race members and family, Camille is a well-mannered person who is more than willing to settle down and live a peaceful life with her husband, Joel. Her rebellious streak is what caused her to eventually rebel against her comrades and side with the Plumbers and she would not allow anyone to stop her from getting married, not even her own family. Despite this, she is still a fighter by heart and is more than willing to go into battle.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Camille possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and mass control. Unlike her breathren, Camille does not rely on her immense size and mass to overwhelm her opponents, but rather takes advantage of her smaller size and compacted mass to effectively land powerful surprise and counterattacks. She also has the ability to change into a human form to blend into Earth society which she uses on the following days of her marriage.