Catherine Weaver

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Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Season 2 Episode 1

"Catherine Weaver" is a recurring character in the television series spinoff, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Character OverviewEdit

A T-1000 model sent back to the past for perplexing purposes, "Cathrine" hides among the human populace in the present as the president of Zeira Corporation. Despite being an advanced creation of Skynet, Cathrine's goal is to fight Skynet with her own artificial intelligence named the Turk. Although not necessarily an ally of Sarah and John, their enemies are one in the same. She cares after the real Weaver's daughter, Savannah.


In its first appearance like all T-1000 models, the T-1001 first appears as a vaguely-shaped humanoid with no features or face. After it impales and acquires Goodman's DNA, it assumes her form. When it goes into the past, the T-1001 assumes its more familiar Weaver form; she appears as a middle-aged woman with long brown hair, blue eyes and a slight pale complexion. Her apparel often includes business suits or dresses.


Like many Terminators, Weaver is not adept with conveying emotions although she is proficient with literal allegories and was able to lead a company as she has better AI than her predecessors. She exhibits a fierce loyalty to her 'son', John Henry, doing all she can to keep his existence leaked to her enemies. Despite not being able to relate to people, she does exhibit genuine concern for her foster daughter.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Being an advanced version of the T-1000, Weaver's capabilities are essentially enhanced and improved. Like many liquid-based characters, her base form is a formless mass of liquid metal which she can manipulate into various shapes or weapons. Aside from mimicking humans, she is also able to assume non-human forms or inanimate objects, most infamously, a urinal. She is even able to separate pieces of her body and have them act independently from her, as demonstrated by the pet eel she keeps around. By compressing her form into a snake-like shape, Weaver can move much faster than a human running at full speed.

Weaver also possesses improved battle capabilities as she laid waste to an entire staff by slicing and impaling them with blinding speed and frightening reach, shaping and reverting her form in an instant. She is also able to conduct electricity and channel it through her body without any lasting damage to her frame.



  • Weaver seems to have a dislike for being called a bitch
  • Weaver is the first known 1000 model seen to protect and assist other humans from harm as opposed to the 800 and other robotic endo-skeleton models that usually serve as the 'guardian Terminator's in the series.