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An unchanged Changeling






Star Craft

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Star Craft 2

Changelings are weak Zerg units in the game Star Craft 2.


Changelings are an infiltrator unit of the Zerg race in Star Craft 2. They are spawned by Overseers and can shapeshift to sneak into enemy strongholds for spying purposes.


A Changeling's normal body is a blob of protoplasmic goo, which has a sort of fleshy look to it. Their body parts can retract into the main blob, as well as stretch out, despite the bony insectoid appearance.


Changelings have a naturally hostile disposition, though this could merely be due to the hivemind that Zerg's have. Changelings are capable of speech and complex thinking once they shapeshift, able to operate complicated machinery and communicate with others.

Also, once transformed, Changelings like to say fanatical Zerg statements, much like another Zerg unit, Infested Terran.


Changelings possess no offensive capabilities whatsoever. Rather, they are an infiltration and spying unit. Once an Overseer spawns a Changeling, it will take the shape of the basic unit (Zergling, Zealot, or Marine) of the first enemy race it sees. It can then walk into their base without the enemy units automatically attacking them. However, if the enemy player sees a unit moving around without being ordered, they will be aware of the Changeling's presence.

The Changeling's transforming powers is not limited to mere appearance, rather, they can imitate the voices of their subjects (though their voice will sound somewhat bionic). They can also emit psionic waves to trick people into thinking everything is fine.

Physical Appearance[]

Idle Changeling in Blob Form

A Changeling's body is a large, purple blob with pink orbs all over it. Their faces are insectoid, having numerous mandibles, many small eyes, and large pink orbs. They also possess two long, bony arms which can stretch out to allow the Changeling to crawl around. The arms and head can all recede into the main blob body, which the Changeling does when idle in its default form.

When they shapeshift, they will still retain some of their purple body to their controlling player, but the enemy players will see it as looking normal. Also, a Changeling will match any upgrades that alter appearances which the enemy has researched, such as the tiny wings gained from researching "Metabolic Boost."