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Chuchu from Majora's Mask






Legend of Zelda

First appearance:

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Chuchus are recurring enemies featured in the Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo.


Chuchus are gel-based creatures and are comparable to other slime-like creatures from other games. Chuchus however, are often distinguished by their color coordination which often bestows upon different elements and properties.


In Majora's Mask, they manifest as mis-colored blobs of water. In Majora's Mask, each different colored Chuchu with the exception of the blue one always carried something inside of their bodies which they would release upon death but possessed the ability to regenerate shortly after.

In Wind Waker and beyond, Chuchu's could leave behind some jelly upon defeat, which can be used to make potions. Depending on the color of the jelly, it would have a different effect upon consumption. For example, the remains of a Red Chuchu can replenish one's health if refined into a red potion, whereas the jelly remains of a Green Chuchu can replenish magic.


Chuchus have no real definable behavior, other than being hostile towards the player.


In Wind Waker and beyond, their abilities became more defined depending on their color. Green and red ones still attacked by merely tackling opponents. However, the blue and yellow ones are able to produce a powerful bio-electric field, protecting them from damage and electrocuting anyone that comes in contact with them. Black Chuchus had the ability to split themselves into smaller spheres of goo, reconfiguring a split second later.

In Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Chuchus generally attack by attaching themselves to their prey and biting them. They are immune to stabbing attacks and can split off into smaller creatures when struck. They can also increase their strength by fusing together into a larger creature much larger than their targets. In Skyward Sword, Red Chuchus have an affinity for fire and can ignite foes.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In their first appearance, Chuchus resembled mis-colored blobs of water with a pair of eyes resting on stalks and a large mouth with pronounced lips and teeth.

250px-Chuchus (The Wind Waker)

Wind Waker Chuchu Design

In Wind Waker, and its related games, they appear to be upright blobs wobbling with a spread puddle as their base. They have a pair of eyes similar to the original Chuchus but were much larger and unfocused, making them seem relatively mindless and spaced out.

In Twilight Princess, they took on a more basic appearance featuring a tube-like shape with no face.

In Skyward Sword, they become viscous blobs with a large, expandable maw but still retain the unfocused yellow eyes