Dark Kia is a character in development for "Secrets in Sand."

Character OverviewEdit

After an old infiltration mission Renji had, he met a slimegirl named Kia who did not work for the Slime Rebellion Army, much to his luck. They worked together to rescue a hostage, Kia's friend Kai, who was kidnapped by some of the Rebellion. Kia made pursuit after them. During a battle with Lady Swoosh, Kia was on the verge on death, but luckily the Rebellion had the Reform Machine, a device used to speed up the Slimegirl recovery process, which was then used to save Kia. Swoosh recovered from the attack and found a bit of Kia, only to store it for "future use." After the Neo Force was defeated, Swoosh and Dr.Lea disappeared to the Eastlands along with the bit of Kia they preserved. A year later, Dr. Lea's Slimegirl Combat Endoskeleton was put to good use for a Kia clone to satisfy Swoosh's vengeance upon Renji. Dark Kia is protective of both Swoosh and Dr.Lea, to Sin's luck, she doesn't see her as a threat and has help Sin a few times, but it was only to protect her "mothers".


Dark Kia is a cool grey with a few grey markings, her eyes are a gleaming blue, inside her body is a Combat Endoskeleton that is of a violet color, the Endoskeleton is the only thing that supports her body, without this, she cannot concentrate on a humanoid form.


Dark Kia can be quiet, but when interactive, she is brash, rude, and can sometimes be a brute overall. She is caring for her "mothers" though. If she substains massive damage, she is known to throw unfathomable fits of rage.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Endoskeleton holds a variety of destructive weapons, even a few of which are unclassified or even unnamed. The only thing Lea knows about these weapons is that these things can take out a pack of Rechwiks!


She literally awaits the day to fight this Renji Borran for Swoosh and destroy him. There isn't much more, as long as Sin can make sure she never sees some guy by that name visit town.