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Double is a character featured in the indie fighting game Skullgirls created by Mike Zaimont. She is voiced by Charlotte Ann.

Character Overview[]

A monster shrouded in mystery, she seems to be a servant of the current Skullgirl known as Marie. Incognito, she appears to be a smiling nun, but underneath this exterior is a true abomination that, due to her powers, can act as a darker side of the immediate characters in the game.


In her disguised form, Double appears as a nun with an ever present smile on her face with her eyes closed to imply a very composed and calm manner though when she opens them, they are a glowering red. Upon revealing her true form, her mouth splits open and her entire body follows and peels off to reveal a chaotic, almost fleshy demonic form that is constantly melting and reforming. Amongst the evershifting features of demonic and enlarged body parts of blue and red is a thin, body with an ample and seemingly constantly jiggling bust. Her face is mostly featureless aside from the single red eye on the left side of her face and growing from her head is a five-pronged crest of sorts.


At first glance, Double appears to be a calm and collected individual, only concerned with following orders, however, she seems to follow orders to a certain extreme and may motion to eradicate anyone interfering with her master's plans, even if she is told to ignore anyone specific, no matter how dangerous a threat they may be to them. Upon assuming her true form, she forgoes any restraints and fights with incredible ferocity as well as a desire to seemingly assimilate her victims into her will. In one of her win quotes, she reasons that through her observations, humans are far worse than monsters.

Special Abilities[]

Double possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and weapon formation. She acts as the game's "composite character", "shamelessly" borrowing moves from the other characters. What makes her unique though is that she morphs into the character whose move she is mimicking in order to do it. Even moreso is that her properties are vastly different than the attack performed by the original character. Taking her shapechanging abilities further, she also performs attacks that none of the characters possess in their moveset such as a gunshot from Parasoul, making her a rather unique character of her kind.



  • Selecting Double with the Fierce Kick (FK) button gives her an all aqua color scheme with transparency to further resemble a slime.