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Captain America

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Captain America #208/The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 9

Doughboy is a supervillain featured in the Captain America mythos of Marvel Comics.


Doughboy, along with Primus are minions of the villainous genetic engineer Arnim Zola, a part of Captain America's rogue gallery. With a special instrument, Arnim can control the monster at will and once used it to successfully capture the super soldier. When Primus desired a female prisoner (and thus displaying independant thought), Zola denied him of his request and instead had him fused with Doughboy, becoming a perfect servant.


Doughboy appearances as an amorphous, beige-colored lump of organic matter. It had black eyes, a nose and a wide mouth to make up a basic face. At times, it formed small, stringy arms and legs as well.


Doughboy is a completely subservient and obedient creature loyal only to Zola. Despite Doughboy's lack of ability to speak, it shows enough intelligence to follow and carry out Zola's orders without any sort of impediment and combined with his powers, earned his master's respect.

Special abilities[]

Doughboy possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying, shapeshifting and weapon formation. Doughboy shows considerable aptitude in the Avengers cartoon, able to hold off both Captain America and Wasp with moderate effort. It also possesses incredible speed, reaching sub-sonic levels. It also has the ability to float and fly. Because of its immense size, it can also send out smaller clones of itself to attack on multiple fronts. However, because of its makeup, it's also weak against intense vibrations, which are ideally applied from the inside.


Doughboy debuts in the ninth episode of the Avengers cartoon as a minion of Arnim Zola. When the two reunite after years, Zola decides to make his move and get his revenge on Captain America, after their last battle left him horribly disfigured by his very own virus many years ago. With Doughboy's abilities, the creature appeared at two sites in Manhattan: the main body at the Statue of Liberty and a smaller version at the Avengers' mansion where Captain America now lived. The main body confronted Iron Man, Giant Man and Thor, managing to overwhelm the two while the other confronted Wasp and the supersoldier. While it had the upper hand, tossing Cap around and brushing off Wasp's attacks, it finally managed to capture the retreating fighter in his mouth. However, that would prove to be his undoing as she repeatedly blasted the monster from the inside, causing it to explode.

The main body however managed to snag all three Avengers with its large mass until Iron Man and Giant Man generated a powerful vibrating frequency that caused the monster's form to lose coherence and explode.

While it is possible that Doughboy could have survived its encounter with the Avengers, it is never seen again after Enchantress and her ally ambushed Zola's hideout and took out Primus in an offer to recruit him.