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Furo is an original creation of Kaihedgie with input from darklordpocky-san

Character Overview

Ever the kinky and curious slime, Furo is always looking or finding new ways to have fun with herself and any willing partner she might find. A graduate from a monster academy, Furo takes pride in her ability. She and Nekris seem to have some kind of rivalry going on.


Furo appears as a nude humanoid female with pink skin and short maroon hair with long bangs framing her face, a fair figure and slightly large breasts. Her eyes are of a reddish color and she seems to have a perpetual blush on her cheeks. Floating above her head are a pair of flowing antennae which appear to change shape with her. Just above her bosom and on her forehead rests a red jewel that matches her eye color and her arms feature maroon markings that take on the form of armbands and what appear to be fingerless gloves with leg bands of the same color resting on her upper thighs.


Furo is quite flirtatious, possessing a bit of a dominate streak. Although she is usually generous, when it comes to pleasuring however, she often strikes first, sometimes without the other person's consent and just tends to enjoy herself there although she would never resort to killing, let alone hurting anyone. She is bi-lesbian, first and foremost and tries her best to make her sexual encounters enjoyable.

Special Abilities

Furo possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, stretching and liquefying. Furo prides herself on her creativity in pleasuring others by morphing and changing her body to bizarre or otherwise what others would consider to be kinky forms although she rarely uses her shifting prowess as a means of defense. Furo instead defends herself with the use of magic. As as spellcaster, her magic is rather impressive, often casting several attack spells in succession while using her own slime as a conduit combined with the energy she stores within her body. She has no elemental affinity which gives her quite a wide range of spells to utilize although they all involve some form of defense. She also possesses the unique ability to generate more of her own slime using her magic reserves, adding to her overall mass.



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