Honey Queen

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One Piece

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One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure

Honey Queen is one of the main antagonist of One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure, the second movie adaptation of the One Piece manga and anime series by Eiichiro Oda.

Character OverviewEdit

Honey Queen is a member of the infamous pirate group known as the Trump Siblings who seek to acquire the King Cannon to make their leader the Pirate King. She is one of the two only Devil Fruit users in the crew.


Honey Queen appears as an attractive, shapely female adult with large breasts, short curly blond hair and brown eyes. She wears fancy apparel which include a purple furcoat and other revealing clothing. She has large, silver earrings as well.


Honey Queen is a rather shameless and flirtatious individual who likes to flaunt off her body, especially towards males. She seems to also possess some sarcastic wit as well. In spite of her superior defensive power, Honey Queen is not a fighter and would no sooner continue to fight if she is on the losing side.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Honey Queen possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. Having consumed the Toro Toro no Mi Devil Fruit, Honey Queen can transform into a translucent, liquid form which she can fire jets of liquid from. She can choose to morph either part of or her whole body if she chooses. Despite being one of the stronger members of her group, she is not much of a fighter. Because she had devoured a Devil Fruit, she developed a weakness for water, unable to swim in any body if she is unfortunate enough to fall into one