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Isaka Minagata
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Real Name:

Isaka Minagata


Feminine designation








Cannon God Exaxxion

First appearance:

Cannon God Exaxxion Chapter 1

Isaka Minagata (水方 勇華 Minagata Isaka) is one of the main protagonists of the manga Cannon God Exaxxion

Character Overview[]

What appears to be a busty maid is actually colony of nanites simulating liquid and texture. Created by the mad scientist Hosuke Kano as part of his nanite soldier harem, Isaka was deployed to assist the main protagonist Hoichi Kano in the fight against the Leopaldian revolt. Though she toys with his gender, she does tone down for a bit. She keeps a stiff upper lip with her energetic and helpful demeanor


Isaka is a constantly cheerful person completely subservient to her creator as well as her partner, though she has from time to time indirectly flaunted her breast size to Hoichi and the human females.


Isaka usually appears as a busty female with long black hair in a fine cut much like a priestess. She is usually seen with the standard schoolgirl outfit although she may don a maid outfit from time to time.

Special Abilities[]

Being a humanoid colony of nanites, Isaka is well versed in a multitude of situations. Her abilities seem to be a far more advanced version of anything the T-1000 can do. She can even reduce herself to a liquid state to sneak around, and even hack into enemy networks. She frequently morphs into a jetbike providing transportation for Hoichi. In battle, she reconfigures her clothes into a tempered battle suit, transforming her limbs and hair into a multitude of stabbing blades. She is also able to split her consciousness into miniature versions of herself that act independently from each other. She also comes equipped with vaccines and anti-virus technologies to ward off infections or corruptions in both machine and flesh alike.