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Real Name:

Droid Jellax/Jamanen










Sailor Moon

First appearance:

Sailor Moon EP 65 (In Japan), Sailor Moon EP 59 (DiC English localization)

"I'm taking over now! Let's fight!" ―{{{2}}}, {{{3}}}
Jamanen (ジャーマネン Jamanen), Jellax in the DiC English Dub, is a character featured in the magical girl metaseries Sailor Moon. She is voiced by Yuuko Kobayashi in the Japanese version, Norma Dell'Agnese in the DiC English dub and Susan Roman in the ViZ English dub

Character Overview[]

Jamanen is one of the Black Moon Clan's Monster of the Week creatures employed by Calaveras and Petz, assisting them in a charm shop. She is loyal to her masters to the end and appears to show a little more competence than most monsters.


Jellax appears as a nude, near featureless lady with a red coloration and supple body. Her eyes are a beady green has long hair that splits off into wing-like formations. Her only form of clothing is a yellow bowtie with a green medal


Like all Droids, Jellax possesses an unwavering, soldier-like loyalty to her superiors, although she appears to be a bit more intelligent and competent than most monsters, even going so far as to planning out her ambush attacks rather than take the Sailor Scouts head on.

Special Abilities[]

Jamanen possesses most basic slime abilities such as strecthing, weapon forming and liquefying. She possesses the ability to conceal herself within solid walls, ceilings and floors, which is usually a follow up for a surprise attack. When on the offensive, she springs up as a myraid of thick slime strands that subjugate her opponents by bounding their arms and legs in thick slime. For direct confrontation, she forms a sword from her arm.


Jamanen is employed the Spectre Sister Calaveras when she decides to go on a mission to take over a Crystal Moon point, setting up shop by using magic jewelry to suck the love out of young lovestruck, yet unsuspecting girls, leaving them with nothing but hatred for their potential mates. Jamanen incapacitated the original managers of the store and kept them imprisoned in a storage room with her slime.

When Calaveras, along with her partner's plan was exposed by Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Moon, Jamanen was summoned to dispose of them quickly. However, Venus uses a fire extinguisher as smokescreen while they transformed in time. During the battle, Jamanen was able to bind Sailor Jupiter when she confronted Petz, Calaveras' partner in crime, leaving her wide open for an assault. Before Petz could finish her off though, Sailor Mars suddenly appears with a surprise attack, unbinding her fellow Sailor Scout, also accompanied by Sailor Mercury. With the Spectre Sisters outnumbered, they are forced to retreat, leaving the task up to Jamanen to destroy them all. Jamanen confronts all of the Scouts head on by herself and manages to ensnare all of them in her goo. She is about to deliver the killing blow with a sword arm when Sailor Moon enters the fray. Focusing on her new target, she lunges brazenly, but is easily destroyed by her Moon Princess Halation finisher