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Real Name:

Jedah Dohma




Light blue/red







First appearance:

Darkstalkers 3

Jedah is a character featured in the fighting game series Darkstalkers (Vampire in Japan) by Capcom. He is voiced by Isshin Chiba.

Character Overview[]

Jedah is the youngest of the three nobles that reside within the realm of Makai. The future of the realm is always at the forefront of his mind and seeks to keep it sustain and in its prime. After being killed by his accomplice and reawakening centuries later, he discovers that the nobles have been fighting each other, which he saw as the further decline of his realm. In order to save his realm, Jedah sought to create a new space called the Majigen and attempted to create a new life form within it. The first step was to drain the powers of the demon who betrayed him and took over as the ruler of the Makai, then create his new dimension and draw in the souls of those he deemed worthy and then accumulate them into one new life form.


Jedah appears as a slightly tale male humanoid with blue green skin, red eyes and long blond hair with his eye brows being of a similar length. He has rather large hands that end in red claw-like fingernails. Sprouting from his back is a pair of long wings that take on a bladed appearance. His outfit in general seems to resemble the traditional Japanese school boy uniform, consisting of a dark blue jacket that splits off at the bottom with three belts connecting it and yellow buttons lining down the center. The outfit is completed with matching pants and a hat with wings protruding from the sides.


Normally, Jedah is a cool and collected person. Despite traces of arrogance here and there, he manages to maintain his patience and calm. It is in battle where he relinquishes any semblance of sanity, laughing maniacally with his mouth wide open and extending almost to where his ears would be.

Special Abilities[]

Jedah possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and weapon formation. He often attacks by shifting his form, temporarily changing into a red liquid as if he were bleeding such as stretching out his arms or extending his fingertips. His dizzy animation also shows him profusely bleeding or at half liquefied due to loss of concentration and focus. He also seems to specialize in a bizarre form of mutilation and regeneration in which one of his attacks involves him decapitating his own head, letting red liquid flush out from his stub and then regenerate a second later. Using his own body as a weapon, he can pull of the wings from his back and use them as scythe-like weapon as well as lobbing spinning sickles from his hand that stay suspended in the air for a while before disappearing. Lastly, he has the ability to absorb demonic power and souls into his body by tearing apart his chest cavity and taking it in through there.