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Lady in Red

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Katherine, known mainly as Kat, is an original creation by Kaboozle

Character Background[]

Formerly a lady of the night, Katherine was kidnapped by a mad scientist who was conducting experiments in his attempt to create fully sentient slime-people. Katherine was his first successful specimen; A slime in the form of a human, retaining all higher brain function. It would also prove to be his last success, as Katherine killed him in his own bed using the very same sensuous, new body that he bestowed upon her. Now free from his clutches, she wanders the earth seeking nourishment (and pleasure) from anyone who piques her interest.


Kat is composed of a deep red, slightly translucent slime with a nice sheen. Her body is typically kept in a very voluptuous state so as to arouse attention from her prey. She sports a peekaboo hairstyle with her long hair curling at about waist-level. Her lips and eyes are a velvety violet color.


Kat maintains a sultry demeanor to attract victims/partners. She is rather dominant, typically taking the initiative in encounters to facilitate her needs. Encounters with superior beings that force her into a purely submissive role tend to wound her pride and leave her in a sexually ravenous state, both physically and emotionally. When not luring in victims, she typically searches for interesting sexual partners of any persuasion with which to enjoy herself.

Special Abilities[]

Being entirely composed of slime, Kat's physical form is extremely malleable. Not only does this offer her reproductive advantages, but she also uses it to escape from danger and resist injury (though, with a nervous system present, pain is still a possibility). Her slime also acts as a mild aphrodisiac when ingested or absorbed through other means, and once inside her victim, grants her limited manipulation of the victim's body chemistry, mainly the nervous system. She typically utilizes this ability to induce a "pleasure paralysis" through overstimulation, allowing the reproduction process to commence with ease.


  • The first being to impose dominance over Kat was a succubus named Hecate