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Ultimate Putty Warrior

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Green and Purple






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Kia Vs. Keitie

Keikia is an original creation of Kaihedgie with ownership shared with Animewave

Character OverviewEdit

Keikia is the fusion of the rubbergirl Keitie and the slime girl, Kia. Created in the midst of a fight between the two, the fusion was created and maintained by Kia on the promise that Keitie does not consume other slime girls again. Thanks to this bond, the two will be able to understand each other's worlds much better than from mere observation.


As Keitie's body was used as the catalyst, Keikia appears very similar to Keitie with traits taken from Kia as well with the body shape being somewhat similar, she gains a noticeable increase in breast size. While the outfit is relatively the same, all of the orange highlights featured in Keikia's suit are replaced with a light purple coloration and the collar section becomes triangular-shaped, similar to Kia's neck marking. The horns have also been shaped differently to match one of Kia's previous outfits though it retains the orange coloration. Her hair is also essentially a combination of the two, sharing Keitie's general hair style and and waist length although it has become spiked in a fashion similar to Kia's and also features a gradient hue of purple fading into green. She also grows two "tails" sprouting from her hair which at the end, features four slime orbs hovering over each and orange rings, resembling Kia's "ear arms" from one of her previous forms. Lastly, her scelera is a vibrant purple but retains the golden irises from both with a third eye appearing on the forehead and stripes on the cheeks, taken from Kia.


Keikia's personality is a composite of both characters, but expect mood swings from dominance of control although she is naturally brave and heroic, she also appears to be hot-blooded, if a bit cocky at times.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Being a fusion of slime and rubber, Keikia possesses natural shapeshifting abilities. With the malleability of a slime and the resistance of a rubber, Keikia possesses enhanced defensive capabilities. She has access to vast reserves of dark energy channeling them throughout her body for either projectile attacks or 'bursting' attacks. She also has the ability to endlessly consume anything she sink her teeth into, no matter the mass. Her amorphous design allows Keikia to shape her mouth in order to accomodate size and shape.