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Legend of Zelda

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Legend of Zelda

Like Likes are recurring enemies featured in the Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo.


Like Likes are one of many particular annoyances strewn throughout the Zelda games. More troublesome than they are worrysome, they seek out wayward heroes and attempt to suck them dry of equipment, tending to be quite fond of shields.


Like Likes do not have much in the way of inner workings, just usually appearing as a blob. In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask however, it shown that they bleed blue blood, although is normally applied to every other flesh-bound enemy in the game, including blatantly human characters.


Like Likes don't appear to be entirely malicious but their "appetite" is still quite troubling to any unwary hero. Once they've detected anyone with equipment with on their person, they will immediately home in on them and attempt to steal and devour their equipment. A favorite delicacy of theirs is shields.


Like Likes possess very little in the way of special abilities. Their only method of locomotion is slowly wobbling forward, but never backwards. When ready to eat their fill, they either slide into or "bend" forward to suck them in through their mouths. As suggested by their choice of food, they seem to have fast-acting acids that devour even the sturdiest of equipment.

Physical appearanceEdit

Like Likes usually appear as gelatinous creatures with a vague tube-like appearance with an opening at the top of their bodies. In the first game, Like Likes were segmented with a slightly flesh-colored sheen. Starting with Ocarina of Time and beyond, they appear as wobbling blobs and melt into large puddles when vanquished. They however revert to a segmented appearance in the Minish Cap.