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The Liquidator

Real Name:

Bud Flood










Darkwing Duck

First appearance:

Darkwing Duck Episode 36

The Liquidator is a recurring villain in the Darkwing Duck animated series, a spinoff of the Ducktales series by Disney

Character Overview[]

Bud Flood is a sleazy businessman who worked in the bottled water department and owner of the Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water. After falling into a vat he had contaminated to take out the competition, he reemerges as a deranged supervillain, inducing as many water-based puns as possible. He is always accompanied by a couple of women dressed up as various water-based items who usually sing something in relation to a keyword or phrase he utters.


Before his transformation, Bud Flood appeared as an anthropomorphic canine with short black hair, yellow eyes and bags under his eyes. His attire consisted of the typical business suit. After being transformed, he appears as a mass of water shaped into a vague outline of a canine with blue, featureless eyes.


As the stereotype business man, Bud is a sleazy man who will employ any underhanded tricks to stay on top of the game.

Special Abilities[]

Bud possesses the basic slime abilities of stretching, liquefying and shapeshifting. As a sentient mass of water, Liquidator takes advantage of his abilities by traveling through drainage pipes, giving him a unique method of transportation. He is also able to manipulate all aspects of water, able to heat up and even harden it with a simple touch without freezing it, turning it into a thick, yellow-colored rubbery substance. He is also able to shape nearby water supplies into sentient liquid underlings, allowing him to tackle multiple opponents at once. His powers effect an incredibly large scale as he was able to convert an entire city's water reservoir without exhaustion or aftereffects on his being. Liquidator can be temporarily immobilized if frozen or covered in cement.


Bud Flood was the owner of the Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water, a company specializing in the bottled water business. Being the shady person he was, Bud indulged in illegal and saboteur activities to stay ahead of the game. When a heat wave hits St. Canard, Bud takes this opportunity to take his competition by contaminating the water tanks of other companies. He is narrowly foiled by the efforts of Darkwing Duck and his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack. The end result has him plummet into a contaminated water tank that seemingly melts his entire body. He later appears empowered and reveals himself as the Liquidator. Able to control any and all aspects of water, he transforms the entire water surrounding the city into a rubbery substance, amidst his madness for Darkwing throwing him into the vat. The Liquidator is able to easily thwart Darkwing Duck with his incredible powers. Eventually, the duo are able to stop him by dumping cement into him when the watery villain summoned his minions to abduct Gosalyn.

He later joins the villainous group, the Fearsome Five.

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