Devouring Shadow

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Loa is an original creation of Kaihedgie

Character OverviewEdit

Loa is conceptually a perversion of all that Kia is. She has an appetite for flesh, both human and beast alike. Her aptitude is even with Kia's but her fighting style leans more towards savagery. Despite her incredible power and voracious appetite, she is relatively harmless as a character; as long as she's fed, she won't bother anyone.


Loa appears as a young lady with a curvy figure and large breasts. Her entire body except for her face and hands are a solid black with a tint of blue. She has long spiky hair. While her mane is not as long as Kia's, her hair spikes upward and has a long horn protruding from her forehead, purple eyes with dark scelera and stripes running down from her eyes to her chin. Her hands and face are a chilly white and her wrists are covered in shaggy fur. A large, white swirl is enblazened on her chest area.


Loa as a person is relatively harmless. While consumed by the desire to eat, she's a playful individual. She also appears to have a ditzy streak, clumsy in her pursuits to get the next meal.

When it comes to fighting, her playfulness takes on a sadistic reality, constantly licking her lips and lashing her tongue out and cackling when unleashing powerful attacks.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Loa possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting liquefying, stretching, mass shifting, puddling and hardening. She wields a strange energy that takes on the form of a dark, bubbling mass, fashioning it into blasts and waves of destruction. As a fighter, Loa's skill appears to equal to Kia, although this is hard to spot due to her berserker style of fighting, opting to solely use hands and claws instead of the usual blades or tendrils. When ready to devour her enemies and let loose, she assumes a vaguely humanoid form, her head and face replaced by a large mouth rimmed with razor-sharp teeth. When eating normally, she either eats through her own slime or with her mouth.