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Lord Cob

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Tales of Earthsea

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Tales of Earthsea

Lord Cob is the main antagonist of the animated film and novel series Tales of Earthsea by Goro Miyazaki. In the movie, he is voiced by Yuko Tanaka in Japan and Willem Dafoe in the English dub

Character Overview[]

Lord Cob was an exiled wizard who used forbidden magic in order to extend his own life, fearing the imminent fate of death all mortals possessed. In his quest to gain immortality, he manipulates the protagonists Therru and Arren to discover the secret of eternal life, uncaring to what happens to those around him.


Cob appears as a pale-skinned male with a feminine face and dark blue eyes and dark markings extending from underneath his eyes. He has long dark hair that reaches his waist area and wears a dark, long-sleeved robe and a pair of shoes.


Cob is a malevolent individual who seeks vitality and power above all else, resenting the wizards who banished him for his ambitions. He also does not tolerate failure and will not hesitate to promptly punish those who fail him.

Special Abilities[]

While much of his magical prowess has not been shown, Cob is implied to be a wizard of great and terrible power. Those he seems to have controlled or bewitched are at his mercy, able to squeeze and crush their hearts by summoning a blue flame which appears to be representative of their life force. His main ability however comes in the form of morphing into a large, dark liquid substance that allows him to jump great distances, making for a very convenient escape method. He can also selectively morph his body parts to for several situations and can even recover lost limbs though it appears he cannot regenerate.