Real Name:

Lyuva Vaiyra










First appearance:

Lyuva is an original creation of Kaihedgie

Character OverviewEdit

Very much like Kia, Lyuva is a warrior fighting for the innocent. Unfortunately for her, trouble seems to track her every move. On the run from those who created her, Lyu not only has to contend with the everyday local criminal, but is forced to fight against her own brethren, a battalion of mindless drones seemingly deployed in an endless streak to either retrieve or destroy her.


Lyu appears around the same age range as Kia, being a young female adult, although she has a subtly more define figure. She sports a silvery texture, icy blue eyes and shoulder-length hair. Her attire consists of a black headband, collar and matching arm bracelets and a pair of black gloves. Around her waist is a dark sash and a flowing, tattered cloak. She leaves her torso bare, showing off an ample bust.


Lyu is typical of the young superhero, courageous, noble and upstanding. However, she's also rather reckless, charging headfirst into a situation without thinking first, preferring to go through the motion. She also tends to overestimate her abilities, appearing cocky at times, however strong she is, going so far as to take hits on purposes as a show of her power.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Lyu possesses the typical slime abilities of liquefying, shapeshifting, weapon formation and density control. Being made out of metal, Lyu possesses twice the durability of normal goo creatures, giving her far more resilience to most attacks. She is mostly a melee fighter, morphing her arms into an assortment of blade weapons such as swords, axes and even scythes while morphing her free hand into either another weapon like a segmented whip or a shield. She also possesses remarkable speed, utilizing high-speed dash maneuvers and quick, almost precise strikes. By internally scraping the metal molecules in her body at an alarming rate, she can superheat her body. While it loosens her composition, it allows her to inflict searing blows at her opponents.