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Majin Buu

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Dragon Ball Z

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Chapter 266 (manga) (Chapter 460 in Japan as Dragon Ball) Dragon Ball Z Season 3 Episode 1

Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) is one of the main antagonists in the metaseries, Dragon Ball Z. He is the final antagonist of the manga and anime series involving Dragon Ball Z.

Character Overview

Majin Buu is a very versatile character in the Dragon Ball universe, much more so than any villains and even more so than most of the protagonist thanks to the multitude of metamorphosis he has gone through throughout his run. All of his forms show a murderous streak and a sweet tooth but personality wise, are all vastly different from each other. As a fighter, he is to never be underestimated and his power level far exceeds that of any other antagonist to grace the canon run of the series.

==Appeatances In all except one of his appearances, Majin Buu's form was that of a pink humanoid of varying shapes and sizes with black scelera and red eyes, all of which had a single antennae sprouting from the top of his head and various holes lined up around his head, collarbone and arms. When he was not Majin Buu', his clothing consisted of white pants ballooning at the bottom and a gold and black belt with a large 'M' in the middle. He wore black and yellow bracers and boots. As Majin Buu, he gained a black and yellow vest, a light purple cape, bright yellow mitten-like gloves and boots. His eyes were a normal black with white scelera.


As the original Kid Buu, Majin Buu was a near mindless berserker with a penchant for wanton violence and destruction. After absorbing the Western Kai however, he becomes an innocent and naive individual, deemed too benevolent to be of use to his original master, Bibidi. As the Evil Buu, he is evil incarnate with cold eyes and a drawling voice. And finally, as Super Buu, he becomes the traditional arrogant villain, but his violent tendencies from his original form surface as temper tantrums that can easily be provoked.

Special Abilities

All forms of Majin Buu possessed incredible power, much higher than any other antagonist in the series. His power was so great that he even possessed a few reality-warping powers if he exerted enough power. What made Majin Buu far more of a threat than the other characters was his body make up. He could survive being beheaded, blown apart or even vaporized and still reform without a loss of power. Like most slimes, he possessed the basic abilities of elasticity, liquefying and general shape changing. However, Buu has a terrifying absorption ability in which he takes a piece of himself and attaches it to a victim. The goo consumes them and returns to Buu as his form changes, granting him even greater power and new abilities. In essence, he is always evolving.


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