Real Name:

Cessily Kincaid











First appearance:

New Mutants vol. 2 #2

Mercury (real name Cessily Kincaid) is a recurring character in the X-Men mythos of Marvel Comics.

Character OverviewEdit

Cessily Kincaid used to be an average teenager when one day, she had hit puberty waking up one morning and began to mutate, mutating into an amorphous mass of silvery liquid. When her parents discovered her mutation, she was hidden from public view until her family parents sent her to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children. As with many other attendees, Cessily would soon become an X-Man, her powers proving effective in the fight for survival.


Mercury appears as a young female adult with a silvery, reflective texture of skin, but her hair remains an orange color of shoulder length. As a member of the X-Men, her attire is subject to change, wearing form-fitting clothing suiting her powers, although when she transforms and liquefies, she usually reforms completely nude.


Mercury, like many other mutants, usually questions her place in the world as well as her own humanity due to her state of being. However, she is easy to make friends with and is a consistently loyal member of the team and would no later than to protect her teammates when in danger.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Mercury possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying, shapeshifting and stretching. Mercury's entire body is absolutely malleable to the core and due to her natural resistance due to her steel texture, makes her a very durable and effective physical-based fighter. Due to her inorganic and non-toxic makeup, she can safely come into contact with otherwise biologically-hazardous beings or substances. Her creators have stated that she is capable of doing anything the T-1000 can do, but is obviously still inexperienced to achieve such feats, although the fact that she can retain her original hair color whenever she reconstitutes seems to hint at subconscious texture control. Due to her metal body however, she also gains the weaknesses of metal. Electricity in particular can scramble her body and incapacitate her.