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Metal Morph

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Metal Morph

Metal Morph is the titular character of the video game Metal Morph for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Origin Systems.

Character Overview[]

The Metal Morph is a humanoid creature made of living metal, created to serve as an ambassador of Earth on his voyage to a parallel galaxy called the Otherside. Because of his makeup, only he can make the trip. However, upon his arrival, he is ambushed by a hostile alien party and is captured. Discovering that his precious shapeshifting technology has been compromised, he must journey from planet to planet and restore his starfighter back together.


The Metal Morph appears as a bald, well fit male adult. In his first appearance, he is wearing black-colored pilot gear. Upon his capture, he is only fitted with a blue colored, open and sleeveless shirt and matching pants and half of his face has been apparently torn off to reveal a metallic skull and red eye. In the title screen and ending however, the shirt is colored green and black, respectively.



Special Abilities[]

The Metal Morph possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. The Metal Morph's only ability shown through out the game is to morph into a silvery puddle through an ability called MetalMorphosis. Although he cannot jump or move as quickly, he is invulnerable to all attacks, can slip under tight spaces and can even flow through pipes and drains in order to reach new areas. He also possesses adept marksmanship, arming his firearm with a plethora of rounds such as shotgun rounds, phaser rounds and even heatseeking missiles. He pilots a starfighter which has the same power as he does but it is further expanded upon. As he gains Morph Pods, the ship can change into a total of seven forms and access to different weapons such as dual blaster cannons, a rapid-fire photon cannon, homing missile and torpedo launchers. Because of his lone crusade, it can be assumed that Metal Morph is an immensely skilled pilot. It also has access to a Hypergate device which allows it to freely move between galaxies in a very short amount of time. Because of the immense torrential energy bending fabric of time and space, only technology and creatures made of the living metal technology can safely pass through it.