Real Name:

Rex Mason











First appearance:

Metamorpho #1

Metamorpho, real name Rex Mason is a character featured in the DC Comics franchise, originally created by Bob Haney. He is voiced by Tom Sizemore in the Justice League animated series.

Character OverviewEdit

Rex Mason was an adventurer hired by Simon Stagg, a business tycoon to retrieve a powerful artifact called the Orb of Ra. He had made his way to an Egyptian pyramid where the item was located. However, his mission would take a turn for the worst when he is betrayed by his employer when his bodyguard knocks him unconscious, this due to being him dating his daughter, Sapphire. However, a radioactive meteorite nearby had begun to act up and with a burst of radioactivity, Rex was morphed into a being of pure elemental variation. Originally a founder of the Outsiders, Metamorpho fights as a member of the Justice League.


In all of his appearance, Metamorpho appeared as a muscular humanoid male with little to no clothing aside from black underwear and a belt. His distinct features as a result of his makeup was his white bald head and neckline, a bi-colored torso of purple and orange and his legs being brown and white, all based on different states of matter such as gas and liquid.


Special AbilitiesEdit

Metamorpho possesses the basic slime abilities of morphing, liquefying and weapon formation. Because of his mutation, Metamorpho appears to have no limits to what he can turn into although because he is no longer flesh and blood he cannot assume a human guise. He is able to perfectly transmute himself into any material or chemical compound with a single thought and with knowledge of alchemy, he can even transform into mixtures such as cures and antidotes as well as noxious vapors. He is even able to mimic alien materials such as Kryptonite, one of Superman's weaknesses. This makes Metamorpho one of the more flexible slime creatures in comic books as well as one of the more powerful shapeshifters as he can freely morph between states of matter at will to both attack and defend, becoming an intangible vapor to either evade attacks or knock them unconscious or morph into water and heated vapor to cause his own thunderclaps. However, Metamorpho still carries the weaknesses of the substances he morphs into although if lucky, he can morph into another material in order to minimize damage. The only known definite weaknesses against Metamorpho was the Orb of Ra which was made of the same material that gave him his powers.