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Mitochondria Eve

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Parasite Eve

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Parasite Eve (novel)

Mitochondria Eve is the titular antagonist of the Parasite Eve series of novels and video games by Square Enix.

Character Overview[]

The Mitochondria Eve is a biological entity that takes form within women whose mitochondria cells become connected to one another which become conscious, eventually taking them over from the inside as they become their new vessel. Its true motives and goals are unknown, but she has been known to normally be a malevolent creature who despises humans and wishes to give birth to the Ultimate Being.


Eve's appearances have varied depending on the host body she takes over. In her most pure form, she appears a translucent, orange colored liquid without any form. As Kiyomi Nagashima, she appears as a young adult of Japanese origin with short, swept up black hair in the nude (although lacking proper genitalia). As Maya Brea, she appeared as a adult with of American origin with long, auburn hair and green eyes, commonly seen in a red gown. Finally, as her latest incarnation, Eve Brea, she appears as a young girl with short blond hair.


Eve is a usually malevolent entity who seems to hate humans, desiring to give birth to her "son", the Ultimate Being. She usually attempts to create a bond with someone related to the person she has taken over to further her goals.

Special Abilities[]

As a parasite, Eve has no real form to call her own. Her purest form is a translucent, glowing liquid which she can use to slip past detection. She also grants this form to others by generating an incredible amount of energy from the mitochondria in both the host and alien bodies. When in control of a body, she displays a wide arrange of abilities such as mutating other lifeforms by commanding the mitochondria cells in their bodies. Because the mitochondria is also the main source of energy in biological life forms, she can also control this energy in the form of powerful energy blasts and concentrated beams. She may also chose to kill them signaling the mitochondria to cause simultaneously generate excess amounts of heat, igniting them from the inside as well, or to a greater degree, reduce them to a mass of liquid should the heat generated reach or exceed 1600 degrees. She also tends to mutate her host's body the longer she is in it, morphing it into bizarre, sexual forms to accomodate the birth of the Ultimate Being, a creature wielding vast, unimaginable powers



  • Mitochondria Eve can bears similarities to John Carpenter's The Thing, another alien parasitic creature who could assume and mutate its hosts' forms once secured.