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Neo Dio
Ultimate Being

Real Name:

Neo Dio




Dull blue






World Heroes

First appearance:

World Heroes Perfect

Neo Dio is the final boss featured in the final installment in the World Heroes series, World Heroes Perfect by SNK Playmore.

Character Overview[]

Neo Dio first appears as the 'true' final boss in World Heroes Perfect, challenging the player after the first match against Zeus, the 'main' antagonist of the game and can be unlocked as a playable character through a relatively difficult code that must be executed quickly. As the successor of the original Dio that fell in the previous game, Neo Dio enters the tournament with the intention of avenging his fallen predecessor.


Neo Dio, like his predecessor, was modeled after the titular manga protagonist Baoh. He appears as a male adult with a silvery texture, a white crown on his head housing a red jewel and a wild mane of hair. His arms feature curved 'arm blades' he is not afraid to use. In World Heroes Perfect, his official coloration leaves some to confusion as he is featured in the opening with a golden texture and fiery orange hair and when faced as a boss, but in the character select screen, he is a silvery color with light purple hair.


Neo Dio is obsessed with two things: Destruction and Dio. He looks down upon others while reveling in his power as the ultimate being and hates peace. He appears to look up to and worships Dio. He also has a strong dislike towards peace

Special Abilities[]

Neo Dio possesses possesses many basic slime abilities such as liquefying, shapeshifting, mass shifting and weapon forming. Being an enhanced version of Dio, Neo Dio's combat abilities make him a considerably more deadly foe, using every part of his body, including his hair, as a potent weapon. His style of fighting revolves solely around stabbing and slashing, making frequent use of his arm blades and transforming his legs into spear-head like attacks. In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Neo Dio gains several new attacks such as immediately countering an opponent by collapsing his form and reconstituting right behind them with a surprise attack, the attacking combatant being frozen throughout the entire animation and the ability to freeze opponents and shock them with his hair as well as a projectile attack that involves throwing three globs in a widespread fashion to cover a good area of the screen.



  • Unlike most villains who tend to look down upon their original templates, Neo Dio respects and worships his predecessor.