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Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry

Nightmare is a character that appears in Devil May Cry, the first installment of the Devil May Cry franchise by Capcom.

Character Overview[]

An inorganic bio-weapon crafted by Mundus, Nightmare lurks deep within the demon world inside of Mundus' castle. It feeds on organic matter and possess space-time abilities, sending its prey into a hellish realm that reflects their nightmares, hence the name.


The Nightmare appears a dark blob of gel that sloshes about, the remains of its victims partially fused to its surface. When in an active battle state, it manifests several armored sections with dark markings.



Special Abilities[]

Nightmare possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying and weapon molding. As a bio-weapon, Nightmare is a being of pure destruction. Due to its physiology, it is powered by several cores within its mass. Using its demonic energies, it can send out several "drones" that seek out targets and blasts them with energy volleys. When it opens its core to recharge, it fires off disembodied gooey tendrils to home in on the opponent to protect itself. Perhaps its most frightening ability is its time-space dilation ability. By enveloping itself around someone, it can trap them in a dark realm reflective of their fears. The only way one can escape this place is to confront and overcome them. Every once in a while, it needs to release its core temporarily to absorb the energy around it in order to resume fighting. It is only here that it is vulnerable.


Nightmare lurks within the demonic/true version of Mundus' castle, awaiting all those who unwarily trespass. The devil hunter Dante encounters it a few times throughout his venture through the demon realm, but is only able to ward it off. He confronts the bio-weapon one last time near Mundus' lair where he is ambushed by Nightmare when Trish sets up a trap. Dante is then forced to confront his greatest fears, fighting past demons he has slain, including his very own brother Vergil, whom was transformed by Mundus. Eventually, he conquers his fears and is able to destroy the bio-weapon, claiming a remnant of its essence as a weapon known as Nightmare-beta.