Ribena is a happy and a little forgetful female anthro slime. She sort of resembles a large kangaroo but, you can see through her like liquid in a clear glass.

But Ribena was not originally a slime she was originally called Zeal and, a real grey kangaroo from New Zealand. She wanted to find the world famous chef and ask him for his autograph, they were on the same boat across the ocean but, was too nervous and shy to approach such a big star.

But one day, Zeal was walking through a forest and saw slime girl called Rosie who befriended and followed him for comfort and shelter but, the friendship turned sour, when Zeal wanted to go home.

Rosie did not want to let her frienmd go so, she decided to bond and absorb her. Zeal screamed and was pulled with within the armadillo slime girl. Zeal could not really talk but, she was somehow able to and got her point across, that she did not want to be eaten and absorbed as she had not got to see the guy she liked.

Rosie in the end decided not to absorb her but, by that time Zeal had lost her colour and her form and was clear slime like sugar water. Rosie put the semi-consious Zeal in a large popcorn bucket but, Zeal could not get out. She tried hard. Rosie fell asleep as she was still young.

Zeal wriggled and as she tried to get up, a bottle fell on her and the liquid spilled out. Zeal through she would drown but, she could feel herself growing and getting warmer too. In the next morning, she has turned purple. Rosie woke up and laughed at her. Zeal ws able to stand to knee level. Zeal could not remember much of her past and Rosie was forgiven. Zeal was given the name Ribena after the drink and she liked it.

Rosie taught the newly renamed Ribena all on how to be a slimegirl from changing shape to reforming and to even bending backwards and how to climb walls and hang off the ceiling and to be solid. Ribena soon decided to leave and just sobbed on her way home and just lay outside, leaking from tears and growing from rain. She soon had soft animals approach her for comfort but, she hugged too tight and absorbed them. She put a stone next to a large tree to represent each one. and so learnt to carry weights and to stay solid.

Over time, she regained her old memeries but, she kept the new name and moved back into her old home but, as she could not work, a deal was made for a friend to buy the house from the landlord and Ribena to reside there for free