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Setsuna's shadow

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Pretty Cure

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Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 25

Setsuna's shadow is a character featured in Fresh Pretty Cure, the sixth installment of the Pretty Cure anime series by Izumi Todo.

Character Overview[]

Setsuna's shadow is the physical embodiment of the lingering remnants of Eas, the former persona of the PreCure known as Higashi Setsuna. Created by the Labyrinth member Soular, she was constructed to tempt Setsuna back her former self.


Setsuna's shadow manifests in the outline of Eas; an black and slightly glossy facsimile with large red eyes and a perpetual wide smile wearing a two-tailed coat and the signature Nabisakebe crystal core on her chest.


Setsuna's shadow appears to be an entirely hostile entity whose only form of speech is constantly bellowing "I AM EAS" in a deep pitch. Despite her facial appearance and lack of proper communication, she is rather strategic in her fighting pattern.

Special Abilities[]

Setsuna's shadow possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. Despite supposedly being Eas, she has none of her abilities. Being made purely of shadow, the creature has the ability to literally melt into anyone's shade and seemingly teleport to another. When she pops up, she usually manifests as tentacles to either slam or ram the enemy away. Only an individual with an acute sense can detect where she will pop up next.


Setsuna's shadow took the form of a facsimile of Eas when former Labyrinth member, Higashi Setsuna was confronted by Soular. Throwing a Nabisabeke core into her shade, it transformed and took the shape of her former persona. Because the shade took on this form, it caused doubt to grow within Setsuna, reasoning that her darker half had not yet been expunged from her being and could only mean that someday she will revert to evil. However, her accompanying PreCure allies comfort as they take on the creature together. While the shadow's head on attacks were sluggish, it soon gained the upper hand and element of surprise when it began hiding in the PreCures' shadows and then ambushing them from behind. Because it bore the shape of Eas, Setsuna felt it was her full responsibility to fight it alone. However, with the help of a young boy, she regains her confidence and tries to take it head on. She would eventually get some much needed assistance when the boy's pet dog manages to pinpoint the location of the shadow's whereabouts, eventually pushing it into a corner when it begins hiding in Soular's shadow. With the combined effort of the other PreCures does Setsuna finally manage to destroy the shadow creature once and for all using their finishing attacks.