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Devil May Cry

First appearance:

Devil May Cry 1

Shadows are high-ranking demons that first appeared in Devil May Cry, the first installment in the Devil May Cry series by Capcom.


Shadows are highly dangerous foes that lurk about in the corridors of Mundus's Castle, awaiting for any trespassers, especially Dante, to enter their territory. Though their appearances are minute in Normal Mode, they occupy more rooms in the harder difficulties.


Shadows appears as amorphous, viscous masses of dark, somewhat liquid substance. Due to being primarily magically-animated blobs of liquid, they're largely invulnerable to pain or physical damage. Within their bodies is a core which controls all aspects of their shapeshifting.


Shadows, like many of the demons encountered in the castle, are quite violent and will attack any encroaching wanderers who unwittingly come into their territory, although they have some form of restraint. Although hostile by nature, they do not attack explicitly until bothered.


Shadows take on the form of feline-like creatures and thus, possess their inherit agility and flexibility. Using the runes stored in their bodies, they take on various forms to attack, such as leaping into the air and coming back crashing down as a spinning sawblade. They also tend to jump in a similar fashion and dive into a puddle-like form where they extend their shapeless forms to erect shadowy pikes from the ground to impale the player. Attacking them with melee weapons is not recommended as they almost instantly counterattack by firing needles of darkness from their bodies. The usage of firearms bypasses their runes, damaging them. Once hit hard enough, their bodies will go inert and expose their core, allowing the player to deal direct damage. If they've taken enough damage, their bodies will take on a reddish where they go on an attacking frenzy, frantically grabbing at them. If they ensnare the player, they will attempt a kamikaze attack by self-destructing.

Physical Appearance[]

Shadows appears as amorphous, viscous masses of dark, somewhat liquid substance. Among their shadowy visage are a pair of glowing eyes. They primarily assume the form of a cat-like beast, similar to a panther due to their color with red saber-like fangs. Their bodies house various runes that allow them to shapeshift.