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Splashmon the Water-Tiger

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Digimon Xros Wars

Splashmon is an antagonist in Digimon Xros Wars, the sixth Digimon anime series.

Character Overview[]

Splashmon is a Digimon who is made of liquid. He is known as the Death General of Cyber Land in the Digimon Xros Wars series.


Splashmon's True Form

Splashmon appears as human-like being in a white body suit, which is covered in several zippers. His hair is long and indigo-colored.

However, this is not his true form. Splashmon's true form is that of a large tiger-like being made of water. This form bursts from his body by undoing the zippers of his bodysuit.


Splashmon is a rather aggressive digimon, who is also quite vicious in a fight. His primary concern is his own beauty. This causes Splashmon to reject tactics or situations that may compromise his appearance, making Splashmon seem rather untrustworthy or dependable in certain situations.

Special Abilities[]

Splashmon possesses several abilities that focus on his watery body and affinity, such as his attacks Hydro Pressure (a high pressured torrent of water from his fingers) and Bead-Drown (gathering trace amounts of water in the area and converts them into water around a target's head). Splashmon can also take the form of any human or digimon it desires.

A Red Drippin

Another ability Splashmon has is producing and sending out beings known as Drippins. Drippins are beings that reside in his body and come in a variety of colors, which changes the effect they have in battle. There are red, cherry, yellow, azure, black, green, and violet Drippins.

Red Drippins make Splashmon's opponents distrusting of one another, Cherry Drippins make the target obsessed over their own beauty and refuse to fight, Yellow Drippins make those hit by them paralyzed, Azure Drippins are capable of moving the bodies of puppets, Black Drippins can ensnare opponents and self-destruct, Green Drippins animate bodies of puppets, and Violet Drippins can use Splashmon's Bead-Drown attack.

He also possesses another form, known as his Darkness Mode. To release this form, Splashmon must unzip his body suit. This form resembles a large tiger-like beast composed of water. In this form, Splashmon can make use of an attack called Tiger Typhoon. Tiger Typhoon is an attack which summons a flood of water to drown and smash around his opponents.