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First appearance:

Amazing Fantasy #252

The Klyntar, more commonly known as the Symbiotes, are a recurring species found within the Marvel Universe, primarily the Spider-Man mythos and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #252


The Klyntar are an alien species that thrives on others; by literally living with another lifeform by bonding with them and living off of them. Despite their faceless, shapeless appearance, they are just as alive as any other person and experience emotions just the same. While the Klyntar were originally a benevolent and heroic species, certain members of the race bonded with other creatures with a chemical imbalance, corrupting their very being and turning them into the notorious parasitic lifeforms they have come to be known as.


When bonded to a lifeform, they form over the host and act as a second skin. They can choose to take on a much more monstrous version of the host should the need arise to defend themselves.


The Klyntar, although formless, are just as lively as any other person. However, this is hard to detect and usually take on the characteristics of their hosts such as Kassidy's symbiote assuming his violent, murderous tendencies or Scott Washington's symbiotes sharing his heroic attributes. Whatever the case, all symbiotes harbor an imminent need for their hosts. In truth, the Klyntar are ultimately a noble race that wishes to fight against the evils of the world and seek out warriors with a noble cause. However, because of this delicate combination combined with so very few with the perfect chemical balance, most Klyntar end up corrupted by their hosts, very opposite of the believed contrary where it was the symbiote that corrupted them.


Symbiotes serve the main purpose of living off of other beings and enhancing their powers in exchange for vitality. General augmentations include superhuman strength, durability, speed and healing factors. They can also negate damage done by illnesses or injuries, but does not actually rid them from the body. Using genetic memory, they can pass on information from host to host. Because they bond at the molecular level, they also greatly enhance any supernatural abilities the host possesses as well.

Physical Appearance[]

Symbiotes appear as viscous blobs, usually of a dark color with black being a common coloration, although bright shades do exist.