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Designated Relunctant Slime Heroine

Real Name:

Synthea Rosemary Evergreen

Male Super male



Light green







First appearance:

Synthea PG4 (onscreen)

Synthea is the titular protagonist of the webcomic Synthea by Kingmonster

Character Overview[]

Abruptly thrust into a very strange world with an equally strange body, Synthea is a slime girl trying to come to grips with her new 'home' and roommates. Living with a talking cat who can fuse with a kid and a mad scientist with eye brows that would make Amarao jealous and she'd be the first to let you know how about the absurdity of most the situations she finds herself in.


Before her 'transformation', Synthea appears as a fair skinned young girl with long blond hair held by a headdress and frequently seen wearing long dresses. On her forehead was an abstract, flower-like marking with a green coloration When she is transformed, she becomes a mass of green slime which she subconsciously molds herself as an oozing, dripping version of her human self, her legs usually fused and puddling up. She retains the headdress, minus the flower.


Synthea is normally a mild-mannered girl but due to circumstances, she is usually either prone to bursts of anger or is otherwise often weirded out but just about anything that moves in her new 'home'. Synthea does not appear to be self-conscious about her appearance however and was able to come to terms with her new form just fairly well, not wasting a second to change shape should it convience her. When push comes shove however, she displays unbridled bravery and strength in the face of danger, no matter the nature of the enemy.

Special Abilities[]

Synthea is very much an embodiment of the slime girl archetype. Unlike most slimes, Synthea does not appear to have any unique abilities slimes usually have As she is still a novice, she makes due with her instinct alone. She is able to manage shapes well and possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying and mass shifting although she has not done much with shapeshifting, she has proven to be maneuverable in puddle form. Synthea's case of being transformed into slime seems to be special, rare case as she was able to retain everything except details of her past, most people losing all semblance of coherence when reduced to goop. [1]


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