The Ooze


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Daniel Caine










The Ooze

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The Ooze

Daniel Caine, aka, The Ooze, is the titular protagonist of the video game, The Ooze developed by Sega Technical Institute, released exclusively for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive elsewhere in the world)

=Character Overview

Daniel Caine was a scientist who had become wise to the crimes that were being committed using a special toxin that he had developed and had plans to use it as a ransom weapon to release it upon the world and planned on becoming rich as they held the cure. However, the Directorate of the company had caught him in the act of foiling their plans and thus he was disposed of via chemical waste. However, the chemicals, instead of killing him, transformed him into a grotesque and amorphous creature dubbed The Ooze. Still retaining his mind and memories and with his newfound powers, he intends to stop the Directorate from carrying out his plans as well as to get his revenge for transforming him.


As a human, Daniel appeared as an adult Caucasian male with short blond hair, two small bangs hanging over his forehead. He wore a pair of red-colored spectacles, a green jacket with a white shirt underneath and a passport attached to the left side of his jacket. When transformed into The Ooze, he becomes a mostly shapeless green-colored puddle, the only distinct feature against his mass being a smooth, skull-shaped head with pronounced brows and leering red eyes.


Special Abilities

As Daniel, he appears to possess an exceptional amount of scientific aptitude, having created the toxin that his associates attempted to use to hold the world in fear. As The Ooze, he gains the basic slime abilities of liquefying and stretching. He spends the majority of the time as a slithering puddle, although he has means of attack. His effectiveness is wholly dependent on his current mass, which he increases by collecting stray slime orbs littered about. He extends and whips his slime about for melee attacks and is able to attack enemies from afar by firing gooey projectiles from his mouth. He is also able to slide down any type of drain, no matter how small.

His body is also effected by several statuses, indicated his color. When yellow, his speed gains a significant increase or slowed down when blue.

He is not with weaknesses however. His mass also equals his current vitality, losing pieces of himself when he sustains damage or fires off projectiles. He must also be careful when going down drains as he could potentially leave behind some residue when he leaks down. His weak spot however, is his head. If it takes any direct hits, he immediately dies. He also cannot stay within drains for long or he will end up dying on the spot.



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