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The Slime Sisters

Real Name:

Suramui, Pudding, and Ameco




Red, Blue, Green






Mahou Sensei Negima

First appearance:

Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 67

The Slime Sisters, also known as The Slime Trio were three slimes who appeared for one volume in the Mahou Sensei Negima! manga.

Character Overview[]

The slime trio first appeared in Volume 8, Chapter 67, appropriately named "Rub-a-dub-dub, there's slime in the tub," working for a demon named Graf Herman. They consist of Suramui, Ameco, and Pudding.


Suramui has a rude and short tempered personality, losing her cool and making threats, but at the same time very playful and excitable, while Ameco is polite and quite intelligent, and Pudding is quiet.

Collectively they are quite child-like, but they are also loyal and follow their orders. Despite being seen as villains in the series, their actions may stem from how they do not wish to return to containment, which is what they would be punished with in the case of failure. Their actions in the war were not within their control, as they were under control. This means that their past actions may not account to their true personalities.


Suramui is a red slime who wears a skirt with visible bloomers and has her hair in pigtails.

Ameco is a green slime who wears a school uniform, with her long hair tied in bows. She also has a cat-eared cap on her head and wears glasses.

Pudding is a blue slime with long hair that is cut away from her eyes. She is dressed in a gown and often is seen with a distant expression on her face. Collectively they appear as chibi children, much different from those of Dragon Quest as noted by characters in the manga.

Special Abilities[]

In the Manga, they have demonstrated the ability to melt, stretch, grow, shrink and mold their polymorphic bodies. They are moldable to an extent where they have very advanced shapeshifting capabilities, as well as being able to perfectly replicate the appearance of another person, including voice and coloration. However, they apparently can only mimic the last appearance of a person. In one instance, the girl they mimicked was naked at the time. This means they were nude upon transforming, as well.

They also possess the ability to create special water prisons, which do not harm those contained, but obviously prevents escape under normal circumstances. However, strong magic is sometimes able to break these prisons.

As slimes, they have proven themselves to be great opponents, as they are resistant to physical attacks and are very capable fighters, with a collectively high power. Ameco possesses the ability to form a working laptop computer from herself and access data.