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Rise of the Robots

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Rise of the Robots

The Supervisor is the final boss of the fighting game, Rise of the Robots by Mirage Studios.

Character Overview

The Supervisor is the antagonist and final boss of the game but can be unlocked as a playable character (albeit only controllable by Player 2) with a code. She was created to replace humans with management. Despite its complete departure from traditional robotics featuring a powerful CPU enough for her to make her own decisions, the Supervisor, like the other robots, has been infected with the EGO virus and has arranged a gauntlet of machines to rebel against mankind.


The Supervisor appears stark contrast from the other robots, featuring a sleek design. It is vaguely humanoid in design with a decidedly feminine frame featuring curves and breasts. and has an elongated head.


Before the EGO incident, the Supervisor was simply an evolving AI but able to make its own decisions due to advanced technology but when the EGO virus broke out, it developed a personality and identified itself as female with the intention of rebelling against mankind.

Special Abilities

The Supervisor possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and weapon molding. She is made entirely out of a metamorphic polyalloy not unlike the T-1000 of Terminator fame. Using electrical flux physics, she manipulates the electrical charges in her body to assume a multitude of different forms, her basic attacks consisting of jabs and spins with her arms morphed into elongated hooks. Her special attack consists of her leaping at enemies transformed as a mantis-like creature. She uses her liquefying ability to not only avoid attacks but to repair damage done to her frame. Due to her makeup and advanced design, she takes less damage than the other robots.



  • The Supervisor has the distinction of being the first slime girl to be featured in a fighting game.
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