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Viddharta is an original creation of Paranokun

Character OverviewEdit

Vidd is quite an odd sight for a slime, even among other denizens. Although possessing a basic slimes voracious appetite for anything that moves, for reasons unknown, he thinks and acts "human", even going so far as to assume a human-like form


Viddharta appears as a collection of flesh-colored liquid that usually takes on the form of a nude male with a slender physique and short, silver hair. He has green eyes that are usually closed, but when open, they feature usually small irises and a wide-eyed expression as if in bewilderment. In spite of his form, Viddharta has no genitalia as he deems it useless.


Viddharta is more animal-like than most slime characters that possess coherence. Eating, devouring and consuming is his most prominent concern, the nature of which is irrelevant to him as long as it moves. Although he has an impressive learning rate, he tends to forget things just as easily. He is not conscious about private space or living space for that matter and due to his physiology, he finds human eating habits rather strange.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Viddharta possesses several of the basic slime abilities of liquefying, shapeshifting, mass shifting and to an extent, mimicry as well as regenerative capabilities and the ability to divide his being. Although Vidd can change his texture and appearance to hide in his surroundings, he is unable to match his density to the object he is copying, thus, a hard and rough object like a rock will still feel squishy and gooey to the touch. Every single drip of his body acts as a nervous system of sorts, able to relay and receive information, although the exact process of how is unknown. He cannot feel pain, but is able to feel pleasure and although he has a sense of touch, it's double the amount that humans receive. Because of his biology, he has no limit to how much he can feel, resulting in sensations to build up indefinitely. A clear example of this is when he masturbates or takes part in sexual intercourse, opting to not let his "mate" go as he cannot climax due to not having a limit. Vidd cannot communicate vocally, thus through unknown means, "talks" to others via a limited form of telepathy.

Vidd is unable to shapeshift if the current temperature is under 10°C. Under sub-zero temperatures, Vidd's mobility is disabled until the area becomes warmer. Any damage inflicted on his body in these temperatures halts his regenerative process until the immediate area warms up



  • Vidd's "hair" is the same substance as the rest of his body, hence why it tends to drip and ooze with the rest of him
  • Although Vidd can divide himself, his intelligence drops with each mitosis.