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Princess Vina

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Dragon Half

First appearance:

Dragon Half Chapter 3 (manga) Dragon Half Episode 1 (anime)

Princess Vina is a character featured in the manga and anime series, Dragon Half by Ryūsuke Mita. She is voiced by Rei Sakuma in the Japanese version and Amanda Win Lee in the English dub.

Character Overview[]

Princess Vina is a halfbreed slime, born from a male human tyrant and a female slime. When she was finally born, her mother died out of shame and her father, shocked by her appearance, lost his remaining strand of hair. Since then, she had studied hard in the art of magic so she could gain a human form like her mother. With her magic having done her wonders, she could finally live at peace with herself...that is, until her eye fancied a famous monster slayer by the name of Dick Saucer, but she must first contend with her eternal rival, Princess Mink, a half breed dragon.


In her usual appearances, Vina appears as a young female adult with a fair and somewhat delicate figure featuring pale, almost peach-like skin, waist-length pink hair and red eyes. She adorns herself in skimpy and dark armor which she completes with a matching, flowing cape. Her real form is that of a shapeless lump of slime but her face is still intact.


Vina, like most villainous princesses, appears as a rather snooty and haughty individual who thinks highly of herself. Despite her intentions, she is not without sympathy as, despite conflicts, she still genuinely cares for her father and their regular affairs are more comical than anything else. Despite Dick Saucer being a monster slayer, she is swoon over his dashing looks and heroic nature, causing her to frequently fight with Mink.

Special Abilities[]

Vina possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and regeneration. While she sparsely uses her innate slime abilities in battle, she is a very potent mage, utilizing various dark magic and summoning spells. In fact, her human form itself is nothing more than a magical disguise and if she is struck sufficiently hard enough, her form will be dispelled and she will have to cast it again to resume it, which indicates that she has never explored the offensive benefits of her physiology, although she can still recover and regenerate from slash wounds.