Real Name:

Yigal Kuragari




Dark purple






First appearance:

Yigal is an original creation of Kaihedgie

Character OverviewEdit

Yigal is the daughter of the infamous eight-tailed kitsune, Kuragari, and a legion demoness. While raised by her father to be able to fend for herself, she was not met without love. Proud of her father, she aspired to one day become just like him. She eventually inherited his castle and presided over it as its princess. As a samurai, she traditionally follows a code of bushido, swearing to fight for what she believes is right and will not do so by all means necessary to accomplish her goals. Yigal had once been a very prideful, and yet somewhat arrogant, but after her defeat by the slime girl Kia, she has vowed for a rematch to restore her pride and the honor she feels she has lost.


Yigal appears as a female young adult no older or younger than Kia with a dark purple color, long black hair, olive eyes and dark horns on her head. Her attire consists of a tradition kimono with a black coloration and red lining. Underneath it is a sleelevess, collared jacket that exposes the underside of her breasts and midriff. On her arms are a series of bandages wrapped tightly and the outfit is completed by black hakama with bright blue highlights.


Yigal is a person who prides herself on being a great warrior, even more proud of her father despite his past troubles. She speaks in a somewhat formal matter and in spite of her power and authority, she is not without consideration or generosity. Abiding by the code of Bushido, Yigal will sooner die than to resort to any dirty-handed tricks when fighting and warns her opponents as to what they are in for before she assumes her stance. After her defeat by Kia, she has taken to a somewhat obsessive line of thought of trying to defeat to relieve herself the sting of losing a battle. Whether or not she will win their next battle is of no importance.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Yigal possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying and shapeshifting. Due to her lineage on her mother's side, Yigal contains a plethora of various demons which she can temporarily release from her body and act as assisting familiars to buffer her fighting style. Ever since Kia's victory over her, Yigal has been refining her shifting abilities, eventually becoming truely one with her demon absorptions, even to the point of assuming their forms herself. As a samurai, Yigal boasts fine swordsmanship, utilizing the Iaido sword style in conjuction with her shapeshifting for a wide array of attacks with both sword, sheath and beast alike. The weapon she carries is the daito "Rei-ken" which has the power to temporarily cut through the third dimension if one concentrates their will into the blade